Coder king 2 contestants wanted

So Coder King 2 is nearly gonna start (even though its meant to take place in July), yet we still need one more contestant

DEADLINE FOR THIS: June 23 (The day after my last day of school)
I will make my decision on June 29
Now, I made this topic, anyone who wants to join should reply to this post with a I WANT, though I will only choose one user out of them all based off of their skill level as coders. Anyone who is worried should post some high-quality games in the game jams or something before the deadline.

Any questions please @ing me in this topic.

Also, by saying I WANT, you are literally saying that you agree NOT TO FORFEIT (I won’t force you not to ofc) and that you are availible and active from July to September./ maybe October.


I can apply!

I mean, I WANT

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Actually, I might choose 2

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what is coder king 2?

A competition for coders to code it out, Wow, I so cringe. Basically, it’s a competition where arcade makecode users just make the best game for the judge or the host @Taser.

For Reference: CODER KING, a competition

It’s @Taser 's Coding Competiton!

wow it got approve so fast thank you mods

I’m fourteen and i was wonder what age do you have to be to participate?

And what is the theme for the event?

I don’t think he has a specific age. I don’t run this competition. (Btw: I think you should reply to @Taser , Not me)

I want

I want

i want

give me

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I want