Collecty Hero Demo - Catch em All!

This is a demo for a “creature collecting” type game, set in the Kampo region.

Locate the creatures, and then use the tilt functions of the Pygamer/ arcade to aim your collecting ball. Press A to launch the collecting ball.

This was me testing things out, so feel free to take, modify, and expand. I’ve noticed that sometimes the creatures don’t disappear from the catch screen, which is weird. Only sometimes. Not sure, maybe you can figure it out. I’ve accomplished all I wanted to with this project, so it is yours now :).



Potential copyright infringement aside, this is awesome! Love the motion controls and the animations



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When you can’t buy the actual pokemon games

I’m curious about copyright infringement with graphics or logos. My son was intent on designing a game around his Ready2Robot toy created by MGA Entertainment. He drew the pilot sprites, designed the gameplay and I helped him code it to teach him programming fundamentals. However, he wanted to include the Ready2Robot logo at the start screen and an image of the toy’s mechbot. I don’t have the skill to draw it they way he wanted, so I found a png of the logo and of the physical toy and used a png to Makecode converter.

He plays it on his PyGamer, but I’ve been reluctant to share it due to the trademark on the logo specifically.

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