So... just wondering

I know this question is going to sound ridiculous and the answer will almost definitely be no… but…

Do copyright laws apply to Makecode?

I don’t think anyone will come after you for putting mario in MakeCode…


You missed a pixel on the right of Mario’s nose…


by the way i think in the official thing the buttons aren’t yellow they are the tan-brown.

Sorry, its just that SMB used to be my favorite series. That drawing (sorrry) is actually not the original…

If you want it to look even better, you can switch the orange to peach (it looks weird with orange) and make the buttons the same as his skin.

it’s fine, i’ve never actually played mario games i just saw it and thought i would tell you if you are trying to be 100% accurate.

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Bit irrelevant, but is it just me or is Mario’s nose awkwardly long when you look at it for too long?


It is pretty long ngl


Well I guess Marios nose is still pretty long…

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Hey, I’m pushing this thread again because I ran into a related issue. I want to use MakeCode Arcade in school with kids to re-create classical games like Pacman and Space Invaders. But no 1:1 clones, just inspired by the classics. Now I’m wondering if it is legally ok to post those games online. Sure enough, no copyrighted sprites or music is used - by the gameplay is inspired by the originals. Can there actually be a copyright on the gameplay?

As an example, here is a demo I made for the kids (inspired by Pacman):


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@tbraun, personally, I think it’s okay to make re-creations of classic (or new) games because;

  • You’re not making money off of it.
  • It has a different name from the original.
  • It’s your own take on the game.

Of course, this is my opinion on the matter, but I’ve made several different game spinoffs and it’s been fine for me.