Coming Soon: Text-Based Adventure tutorial for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves!


Today, we’ve started working on a new FREE tutorial in honor of the new Paramount movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves — coming out in March.

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LET’S GO D&D You Are Being added (wait there will be a movie gotta put that on my schedule)





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It’s heeeeerrrrreeeee!

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Nice tutorial!
Screenshot 2023-03-13 11.14.10 AM


I am beyond excited to announce that after nearly three months of collaboration with Paramount, Microsoft MakeCode will be officially releasing our “Code an Adventure” skillmap, inspired by the new movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves this Monday, March 13.

Modeled after an old-school text-based adventure game, this series of tutorials takes you through three levels of game-building, while offering experience with conditionals, functions, pixel art editing, music composition, and dynamic storytelling.

With our first ever tutorial to include our new music editor, we hope to encourage everyone to recognize that there is creativity in coding. We are proud that MakeCode Arcade can help that shine through.

AND…we are thrilled to be offering a SWEEPSTAKES where educators and group leaders (ages 18+) can enter for the chance to win a hometown screening of the movie for their group! Simply run the activity with your team, post your favorite games to @MSMakeCode on social media using the tag #DNDMakeCodeSweepstakes, then fill out the form to let us know who you are. Sweepstakes ends 3/31/2023.

Find out more about running the activity by reading our one-pager here: AdventureGame_1_Pager.pdf

Check out our tutorial here (starting Monday, 3/13):
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Thanks! I worked hard on it :slight_smile:

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Very cool skillmap @KIKIvsIT !
around april, the super mario movie will come out.
can you make a skillmap for it?


I wish! Nintendo is an Xbox competitor, so we’re not likely to get approval for any of their IP…but that doesn’t mean people on the forum can’t take inspiration from the movie :wink:


Great work, @KIKIvsIT!

Is the whole world eligible for a shot at the hometown screening?

Thanks, @Vegz78!

Unfortunately, Paramount only offers this prize in the USA.

Microsoft will be offering a different sweepstakes when the rest of the campaign rolls out in a week, though! That one has more countries connected. I don’t have the details myself, but if you start searching after 3/24, the information should come up.

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will the adventure extension be possible to use in other games?

You can! You can either import your finished game into other games as an extension, or enter this link in the extension library:

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Ok! Sounds cool!

Quick question!

How do you clear the text log in the Adventure category? I’ve tried but the only thing I could muster was replacing everything with empty lines…

You can add a full 160x120 blank image to the log…or, I just added a “clear log” block if you want to upgrade to the latest version of the extension.

No lie, all this D&D promotion is dope and it’s working :rofl:. Me and the boys are gonna watch the movie! Also nice skill map! Cool stuff y’all.

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Thanks so much!

My kids and I just went to see the movie last night. It’s probably one of our favorite movies outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now :slight_smile:


Something wrong with your AdventureGame_1_Pager.pdf link above, @KIKIvsIT?

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