Tutorial Creators

Hi, all! I’m starting this thread for questions about creating your own tutorials for Microsoft MakeCode.

Feel free to start with this document, then let us know when there’s something you want to do that’s not explained here.

Happy coding!


My thoughts as a teacher with limited coding experience:

  1. I don’t have the time/energy to learn the Java? to create one. Its easier to just keep using google slides and screenshots.
  2. If there was an easy place to view user created tutorials, that could be really beneficial to see what other have created.
  3. If the tutorial tool was simplified to where I can type instructions and drag/copy a block into the instructions it would be incredibly useful.
  4. If it was simplified enough to where my students could create tutorials that would be amazing

Thanks!!! I love using this platform in my classroom and my students go crazy for it

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I’d say it’s already easy enough to make simple tutorials on. To make the tutorial, you just have to put words into the markdown file, no JavaScript required!

Just copy the link for the tutorial, and you can send it to whoever you want, and they’ll be able to do the tutorial!