"Compilation failed, please check your code for errors."

I go to download my code but it tells me “Compilation failed, please check your code for errors.” Please help! -thank you!

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Can you show me the code? It’s really hard to point out what happened without seeing the code. The error message you got means there is a mistake in your code that is preventing it from running. Please screenshot the code so I can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Sharing the code via a link would be easier cause you can open the project in the editor and zoom in and out everywhere while a screenshot is limited.

Okay! when i play it, it seems fine but it might be something im not doing. here is link https://arcade.makecode.com/#editor

No, that is the link to the editor, you need to go to the share button at the top of the page and click it. Then press publish and post the link here.

Ohh here: https://makecode.com/_gUzYWmTRyWmP


HI! Did anyone find what happend?

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What are you downloading it to? It worked with Pygamer