Compiling MakeCode bootloader for custom STM32 boards on Ubuntu 16.04 under WSL

  • Are there makers in the forum using Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem Linux to compile MakeCode bootloaders for STM32 devices (i.e. F030, F103, F401 etc.)?

  • May I ask how did you setup the STM32 libraries for compilation?

  • What is the easiest method to compile for STM32 when running on Windows 10?

This is a question for @mmoskal.

I got it to work some time ago with the Ubuntu on WSL2. I don’t think there’s anything special - you just need arm-none-eabi in your PATH. The BMP debugger will probably not work with WSL though…

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Are you using libopencm3 and GCC for STM32 development in MakeCode?

GCC yes, for all embedded development.

libopencm3 I only used in bootloaders, since they were based on existing bootloaders.

I usually use STM libraries. The codal is mostly using the HAL and I’ve been working on new JACDAC implementation for STM32F0 with the LL STM drivers (which I would recommend over HAL).

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not using WSL, but WSL2. Basically I run my own distro on it, but it does not need anything special…

Note: WSL is not ideal (either run a VM or WSL2, which is technically the same).

How did you setup your compiler toolchain?
I need some tips here.