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MakeCode for ARM MCU's (custom boards)

Hi All,

I have plan to make custom board with ARM Cortex M4 or M0 chipset, and i want to program the board with makecode editor , please advice me how do i can start working on this? and what are the things required to complete it.

Ashok r

The best place to start is to add it to the maker editor. See . It will allow you to test your board in a makecode editor… without having to roll out a new editor.

Thanks @peli this is what I’m looking for! so i need to have STM32 baards? or i can also use boards from Nordic , NXP.

We added NRF52840 recently.

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Thanks @peli for helping to support nRF52840.
I had more success using SAMD51 than STM32.
I am trying to play with nRF52840 right now.

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Hey @201maker
Let me know your progress on nRf52840 bcoz im too trying the same. Are you using nRF52840 dongle?

Blinky worked so far on the Feather nRF840 Express. I had some issues compiling for nRF840 dongle (pca10059) and Circuit Playground Bluefruit.

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Hi @204maker
How about this kit Nordic Thingy52 (nRF52832) ?

We don’t support 832. Sorry.