Corona Crisis

Arrow keys: move
A: “fire”
B: switch “weapons” (soap, masks x 3, lockdown x 2)

A big thanks to the MakeCode team - my daughters (9 & 6) and I had lots of fun making this together! :slight_smile:


If you’d like to play around with the code click the ‘Edit Code’ button at the top of then switch to the beta editor by changing the URL to

Have fun! :heart:

GREAT! Perfect example of why gaming will never get stale!

The infection mechanic is very cool

Thanks for the comments!

We’ve made some updates to the game. Now there’s a title screen, a fastest time tracker, sound effects, and additional power-ups that drop by parachute if too many people get infected.

arcade-Corona-Crisis (6) arcade-Corona-Crisis (7) arcade-Corona-Crisis (8)

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Wow. I love it :mask:.

Very clever - and super graphics too! Works great on my laptop.

By the way: I get a “021” error (out of memory, I believe) when I try to give everyone a face mask. Lockdowns work, and soap works. But face masks cause my Meowbit to crash.

I don’t have a meowbit but the game might be too big due to the code I guess. 021 is a out of memory problem yes. I don’t know how to fix it so it’s either you could simplify the code or you could get another device that could hold more memory. (I have no hardware experience so I was just trying to help.)

The code isn’t the problem. The problem is the memory, since the code is stored on flash. Microcontrollers typically have much more flash than RAM. The Meowbit has 96KB of RAM, while other devices like the PyGamer have a whopping 192KB of RAM. But the PyGamer is expensive, so you could get the PyBadge or PyBadge LC, which is cheaper but still the same controller specs.

thats cool! love it!