Switching to beta I lost everything

I was playing this game, and it mentions that if you want to edit the code, to switch to the ‘beta’ url; great game b.t.w.

When I went to edit my own game again, I noticed that the editor was still pointing to the ‘beta’ url:

All of my assets were gone! The color coded tilemap was empty, all images, all animations had disappeared. Luckily I could just revert the local changes to the last version from Github.

I just wanted to check whether this is normal behavior. That if you create a game in the normal editor that it doesn’t work in beta, and vice versa.

I already have a bad feeling about how my game is made, as I am still unable to upload to my PyGamer (Cannot download to PYGAMER - #8 by cosmoscowboy) I am starting to worry that maybe certain libraries are out of date. I don’t dare to swtich to javascript to update them, as this issue still occurs:
Array of animations

(regarding the last issue, I do see that someone is working on it)

Here is a recent version of my game.

Can someone please open the game, edit the code and the switch to the ‘beta’ url and see if they get the same problem? Otherwise I might just be my computer. :thinking:



Oh my, it’s happened to me too.

Hey guys! Yep, this is a problem on our end with /beta (specifically with upgrading old projects from the regular site to the /beta site). We’re tracking a couple different Github issues (https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/2472, https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/2539) that probably trace back to the same underlying bug. We’re changing up some things about how images/tilemaps are stored, so they will probably be extra unstable on /beta; all of this will definitely be fixed before we release, though!


I did notice at the beta site that there is an extra tab for Assets; which will quite handy when you are looking for those ‘hidden’ tiles used somewhere in a Tilemap. I can understand that there will always be a difference, so I should just stick to one or the other. Good luck with the issues you mentioned.