Could someone please help me create the enemy for my video game

I need help to create the enemy for my dodgeball videogame, he needs to be able to dodge player one’s throws whilst also picking up balls and throwing them at player 1, and I’m not sure how to do this at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How do you want the enemy to look like?

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Can you please post a link to your game?

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I can help


I can help in the drawing because I am not good at coding

I am going to start on the drawings if you are okay

Okay sure I
have made a dog till know

I finished with it

Here’s something I’ve spent a little while on tonight

Known issues:-

  1. The invincibility period timers work ok the first time you, or the enemy, get hit… then the overlaps start to rapidly progress… Is this because you need to reset the timers?
  2. Getting the ball to change back to an orange one, after the enemy has thrown it…
  3. All in all… issues with timer blocks… but it’s nearly right.


wow woody, well done u carried him to an A

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