Doge ballz

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hey im noticing this in a lot of games but you should have the projectiles destroy on overlapping because then the projectile will still continuously damage theplayer, usually resulting in an instant death. (You might want this for dodgeball though)

Neat idea! I like the enemy sprite that keeps moving like that. Maybe it could be randomized.

Number 1 I’m kinda working on that and number 2 all these game. That I posted are for back up purposes so I can save my games so that I can work on them later sorry if I make it sound rude

Oh also btw I have no idea of how to fix the projectile issue

Oh one more thing it’s kinda made for instant kill

It’s actually really easy. You can give the player 1 heart, and when the dodgeball overlaps with the player, make the player lose 1 life, and also destroy the [type sprite] variable in the block, since otherwise it will only apply to the last created sprite of the dodgeball type.

let me know if you need a screenshot of the code.

Oh one more thing the screen shot of the code would be helpful

Ok thanks a lot

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