Counter Tool

I made a rather simple counter! It saves the max and the current one (and the rgb speed)
Thanks @shakao for helping me with the color changing thing!

Enter your max count!
Then change the counter with up and down!
Change the background animation speed with left and right (The less the faster)
Press menu to reset all settings!
Everything will be saved! Hope you enjoy! (Just 2 digits or I would have to do more positioning)
Thank you!
(Also if you want to draw but you don’t know what I have something for you! Go to Loot Box Game for more information!)
Btw here is @shakao 's color fade thing! (Thanks)


Thank you for this @DahbixLP , it is the enlarged numbers that I had wanted and now we are able to show large read-out of analog values on the Arcade TFT screen. Much appreciated !