You can GET 17 Colors I makecode ?!?!?!🙀

Found this really color bug with the color things that have been added wile making my latest game.


Breaking makecode law right here


This is… still 16 colors?

Well no actually, there is 17- although the black has been replaced with dark green, the background stays black, making there 17 colors!


When in doubt, count it out. 15 colors in the center, black as the background. Where is the 17th color?

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Is there something I’m missing…? there’s a 3x5 grid (15 colors) where black has been changed, + a background of transparency (black), and that makes… 16, not 17.
Colors: White (1), Red (2), Pink (3), Orange (4), Yellow (5), Turquoise (6), Green (7), Blue (8), Light Blue (9), Purple (10), Purple-Gray (11), Dark Purple (12), Tan (13), Brown (14), Dark Green which replaces Black (15), and Transparent which is black when nothing is behind it (16).
I just named every color on the screen, and there are only 16, one being Transparent. Also, I kinda… already did this over a year ago… No offense, of course, as it is still cool, but 15 customizable colors + transparency (which is black when nothing is behind it) is still technically indended and it still isn’t 17 colors…


Ahem. I’m afraid this is illegal, I’ll have to arrest you now…

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the menu

Cap theres only 16 colors

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Wait a min… ur right… there’s only 16 colors…
I can’t count.

i messed a lot with pxt.json so i know some stuff you should not mess with . so there is one color that represents blank(btw blank color is #000000) so change #000000 with example: #c4a484 then your blank color will be #c4a484 (sorry if the gif is blur )
[video-to-gif output image]

True maybe not 17 colors than but also it was just a cool glitch I found and it was really late when I posted this so my brain thought oh so there is a extra color we have a 16bit games so it must by 17 colors

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404 not found error

still 8bit

Hmm I think that The Background is Transparent, while Black was replaced with Green.

Wait, I’m confused… so are there 17 colors or 16?

Our traditional menu has 15 colors, plus transparency. Whatever palette you use, I’ve been assured that Arcade maxes out at 16 colors.

okay that makes since

Could it be possible to make something that puts pixels of one pallete on the screen, clears the screen, runs through another batch of pixels from a different pallete, clears that, and so on, allowing for as many colours you need? I’ll try make this for demonstration, until then, try to understand what I mean…

@DZY04 i’m afraid that won’t work! the 16 color limitation is a hard limit, there are no ways to game extra colors out of it.

that’s a great idea though, that’s actually how many old video game consoles managed to have so many colors. nintendo’s NES only allowed you to have 4 colors per sprite (actually 3 colors + transparency), but you could choose from multiple palettes so that you had a total of 56 colors to choose from for the game

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