Covid Mask Sorting System

In Austria we have to wear FFP2 masks which are expensive. We are allowed to reuse them 5 times but before reusing them we have to let them dry (virus dies after some time) for a week. And I have a lot of masks so it is easy to loose track on what day you used which mask! Thats why I made this app! It works with the savings extension and works on hardware which means you can set up your hardware near you mask dry place and save which mask you used when!

Press B to rename the Mask you are currently on!! (I wrote letters on my masks so I can save them by the name)
Press A to set the data for it! (Monday, Tuesday…)
Of course you can also use it for something else! You can rename it ad write for example a date or some other data! (You might have to change the code a bit: Remove the image of mysprite (DO NOT REMOVE THE SPRITE! JUST IMAGE), Edit the Title (so it does not say enter mask), Edit the input note (the string on top of the ask (Enter Mask Name/Day))
I hope this is useful! This is one of the things the hardware is nice for! I will for sure use it!
Thanks! Hope you enjoy!


This is super cool @DahbixLP, great job!

I looked at the code a bit and I think this is a great opportunity to use functions with parameters; that lets you simplify the code a bit, as you won’t have to handle each mask individually – you can just define the behavior for ‘a mask’ and have that same code apply to any of them. I refactored the ‘on game update’ to have use a function with a parameter as an example, but I left the rest as is in case you wanted to give it a shot yourself:

And here’s what it looks like as a comparison: