CreateOS Thread 1

So I decided to make a new operation system. Why? Because Cboy did so, so, so, so well… So I decided to make an operating System named CreateOS.

This is similar to the earliest build of Cboy Azure, but is more advanced and is much clearer.



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no its not.

Added some User Interface. Kinda Buggy, but should be fixed with debugging.

I decided to create two channels.

The Finished Channel, which has less buggy experiences and is much more clean.
The Alpha Channel, which has more buggy experiences but includes much more beta apps.
The next link will be for the beta

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This is really good!

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okay thats cool.

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For the Beta Channel, I’ve added a help app and have begun progress on the Read Settings App. It should come out (earliest) on Alpha 3.5 and latest on Alpha 5.

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For the Main Releases and Beta Channel (I think I have combined them into one) I have an app that can allow you to bypass any 1b errors on apps, but NOT 1a errors. The next main release should come after around 3 - 8 builds. :stuck_out_tongue: