Creeper vs. Player


It took a while…

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Mine is 584. I also made Challenge links, like 1 life, faster creeper, and hardcore mode. Here they are:
Beginner Challenges:

Faster Creeper:
Giant Creeper:

Medium Challenges:

1 Life Challenge:
Tiny Food:

Oh my God Challenges:
Hardcore Mode:

If you get 200/unbelievable on hardcore you’re like the best video gamer ever, it’s like impossible. It’s all of the challenges combined, and I died after 5 no matter how many times I tried.

Had the time I get zero. Can you please post my game at the end of the Community Games please?

Here are a few other varieties.
Luck Mode:
Timed Mode:

In Faster Creeper, the creeper becomes double the speed.
In Larger Creeper, the creeper becomes double the size.
In 1 Life, well, that one is easy. You only have 1 life, so if the creeper hits you even once, you’re dead.
In Tiny Food, the Food is just a small dot, big enough to see, so the food is a lot harder to eat. In hardcore mode, The creeper is faster and larger, you only have 1 life, and the food is tiny, though not as tiny as “Tiny Food.” After all the hardcore, the original size of the food is 32x32, but in tiny food it’s 6x6. In hardcore, it’s 12x12.

In Luck Mode, you only have 1 life, but when the creeper hits you, you actually have a chance to gain a life instead of losing a life.

In Timed mode, there is no creeper. You just have 3 minutes to gain as much food as possible, so I would think fast, and move fast.

Oh. I accidentally put 1 life challenge instead of luck mode. Here is the real luck mode.

Here are other fun modes.
Creeper vs. Player (Bait Mode)

Creeper vs. Player (Opposite Mode)

i got the unbeleiviable rank on my first try

hey im back anyone want more modes

Me I made a minecraft one too here it is Microsoft MakeCode

Minecraft (my version)

Made with :heart: in Microsoft MakeCode Arcade.

I got beginner on hardcore you have to go out of the screen

getting beginner on hardcore is easy. I get like almost expert, my highest so far is 67 on hardcore

I got pro on my tenth attempt

Score 29

That’s pretty good! I got 72 on my latest attempt, ill send you a pic once i get it again.

Thank you! @user14 REALLY like the game

got master, 102 OMG

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