Cube Shooter

I made this game in like 20 minutes so there are some bugs.
3 levels: ez, normal, hard, BRUH modes!
(Bruh is practically impossible to get past 100 tho)


wait you can’t shoot both ways on the harder levels and you can’t choose normal mode

This must be a glitch. I’m right on it!

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oh yeah, I was planning on fixing it but I had other plans lol. Thanks for helping!

Btw if you fixed it, I’m pretty sure you might have to link it, here’s my fixed version:

All that happened was that I changed the names of the modes mid-way, so when I specified ‘normali’ when you clicked it, it was actually just looking for ‘Normal Mode’. I fixed it though, have fun!

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Oh, I forgot to say, when I played the 1 version, I was able to shoot both ways, I don’t know if something malfunctioned or somebody changed it or something.

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The score i got from shooting repeatingly in normal in one spot:

Screenshot 2021-04-12 7.08.41 AM

lol thats a strat