CYBERSHIFT v.4.5 [New Art]

Hey everyone! I’m finally back from my break from MakeCode since my project unfortunately didn’t pass to the national level of the competition. (I did from another category though)
Anyways, that also gives me a lot of free time so I will finally be getting back to my old projects. See you all soon :wink:



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What were you competing for?

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Wdym Competition?

In Croatia, there are three levels in each competition: school, province and national.

At the school level you compete against other schools in your province (as an individual) and after it’s concluded there’s a threshold to move on. Out of ~1000 contestants usually 1/5th moves on. I ranked 2nd (out of 1041) national-wide and 1st in my province with 23,17 points out of total 25.

At the province level you represent your province (as an individual) but it’s basically a free-for-all. The top 8 contestants country-wide will advance. I ranked 3rd (out of 244) national-wide and 2nd in my province with 19,56 points out of total 25, missing 2nd place by 0.2 points and 1st place by 0.9 points. I think I underperformed because I made some dumb mistakes but it’s okay since the next contestant was left behind by 2 whole points so I had a lot of wiggle room.

And the national level: The 8 best contestants will compete against each other in a 100 points test, which will be the hardest so far. Ranking 1st will make you national champion, a title I claimed last year and I’m looking to reclaim it, although the competition is tough.

And for software development, It’s relatively simple. You (and optionally a team), create a piece of software, documentation and a screencast (a recording explaining the usage of your program/website or such). On the school level, the bar for entry is very low. A comission comprised of your school staff (ex. teachers, principal etc.) will watch you present your project. The only requirement to move on to the next stage is to participate and present.

During the province stage, you must also submit the above mentioned docs, screencast and also your source code. You will then present your project to a province comission that will write notes and analyze your presentation. After all of the teams (or individuals) presented their projects, they will rank the top 3 projects in the province. This wasn’t concerning as there were only 4 in my province. Then the national comission will look at top 3 projects in every province. They will then use criteria to choose the 10 best projects to move on to the national stage. During the break between the province stage and national stage, you can add new features and improve the project in general. Unfortunately our project wasn’t invited (out of about 25 other projects that made top 3 in their provice) so we won’t be moving on, but I’ll be going to the national stage anyway.

The national stage is usually hosted somewhere on the coast, by the sea. So moving on will sort of grant you a mini-vacation (since it lasts for 4 days).


I did two categories: software development and CS theory. I passed theory since it’s point based but the projects in SD were handpicked by a national comission so mine unfortunately didn’t pass :confused:


Wow, all of this sounds so cool, I wish they had this where I live! Amazing job getting so so far!


Also, sorry for the wall of text!

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