Daddo2^0 Platformer

Hello World,

I recently stumbled on make code arcade via micro:bit coding. It has been a while since I’ve played many games but I have to admit that this is pretty addictive.

I watched and followed Daryl’s(sp?) cat platformer and built off that design so the first few levels may feel like a clone. There are four levels in total, so it’s pretty short. I would love to hear feedback on any part of the visual, audio or gameplay.

Here’s a link to the game/code:

Two initial questions that linger are on code optimization and SVG paths. I would like to add additional levels but I feel like my code optimization is poor(trash). It feels like level 3 and 4 slow down a bit. Would it help to create separate functions for each level? Maybe someone has a link to best practices?

Daryl mentioned SVG paths in the cat platformer and after messing around I thought there could be some great functionality in boss fights, but I couldn’t find many other references to them in makecode. I did a bit of digging through HTML guides and was able to find SVG Path Generator to generate a path. The path I generated was basically a triangle, but I did try with more complicated shapes and it seems to work… except it was not sticking to the spawn point I gave it. It seems like with the cat platformer svg path it is tied to where the sprite is when it starts the animation, but with the path I generated it uses the absolute coordinates? Any way to fix that or am I going about this the wrong way?


The art is epic!

The art is great and I played this over 100 times. Nice art and physics!!

Awesome! The art and animation is a lot of fun.
Did you notice lag on the boss level?

It was so hard, I didn’t get to the boss level since I was focused on trying to get all the points. I’ll try speedrunning it. And yes, I realized that there was so much lag. That means that there is a lot of code.

ok so I tried the boss battle and it was super laggy. too hard to see. but i love the game!! Gg

Okay, I found the main issue with the lag on the last level was actually with the audio on game update 1000ms. I had multiple blocks trying to play audio at the same time. I cut that down to one block and we’re in good shape.

I also messed around with cleaning up the code so monsters and items that aren’t necessary in the last level don’t get loaded. Hopefully this is better. I may do some additional clean-up and bug fixes later.


Thanks for the feedback! I just posted an update with the lag fix. Let me know if that works for you.

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So hard on mobile :sob:

so hard every where

:relieved: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Completed! Just lost the screenshot. Found a bug @andrew-ski. If you hit him with all the lasers in a row, he gains one health, then looses 5 afterward, Don’t know why that happens.

Nice! That bug is a little strange. The only thing I can imagine is that it’s lag related.

This was my first game and I probably did a poor job with optimizing memory leaks. I also had a bunch of sound effects occurring at the same time in the original version, which causes issues. I think there are probably some poorly executed pause commands, too. I know the second version had some fixes for the sound issue and then I went back and fixed the character sprite a while later, but it’s definitely not optimal.

The most up-to-date version is on my github:

Found it really easy with a PS4 controller. May remix this like I did with the Adventures of Sam and Nate by @jacob_c. @andrew-ski could you please post the latest as a makecode link too?

Nice! I also liked playing with the arcade controller!

Here’s the link to the updated copy:

You can always create a copy with the edit button on the github copy.