Dark dungens 1.8

a game with trickey levels while enemy’s in the game!


Fun game! Really appreciate the ‘respawn’ option, i was playing on my phone so I lost a lot but it allowed me to still beat the game :slight_smile:

ok. thanks. i will add more levels ASAP

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I can’t seem to get through the spash screen

Awesome!! I would love more levels, I liked the teleporting enemies on the last one :slight_smile:

Also if you’re looking for more inspiration, we’re doing a game jam next week! [Announcement] MakeCode Arcade One Room Jam

that happens in the real brain pad. this fixes it. click b then a and then if it still does not work click a until it works.

its also better to play on the computer

You can use GitHub to store your game and release new versions there. Also feel free to use the same forum post and edit the description!

I’m sorry but I’m not interested in signing up for anything. I’m fine. Also I’m not very familiar with that website. Anyways I am just new to publishing game.

sorry but i’m fine.

Hi! Sorry to interfere, but I noticed a flaw in this game. I think that you forgot to switch the GAME OVER block to YOU WIN.