[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade One Room Jam

So glad you’re doing another Game Jam! Last year’s was a blast!

If you work with students, encourage them to participate. It’s a wonderful way to exercise their creativity.

Looking forward to seeing all of the submissions!


Is the room size limited to one screen (160x128px)?
Can I make a large room and scroll it?

Yep! That’s totally fine


I understand! Thank you. :smiley:

I’ll be there with many many students!


Exciting! Will get my students to submit also. Just making sure I can submit their games/ multiple games under my account. They don’t each need an itch.io account correct?

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@loretod That’s totally fine!

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Game on!!!

so this is not the case for this game jam??

“In the spirit of WarioWare, Inc., you’ll create a micro-game that can be played in 5 seconds. Afterwards, we’ll combine these individual micro-games into one continuous game so your creation, along with those from everyone else, can be played back-to-back.”

from: https://makecode.com/blog/arcade/game-jam

Is that from last year?


Yep @mr_isaacs that was last year’s game jam

Hi, an itch.io project is needed to join the game game, it there any help docs about how to upload an arcade.makecode project to itch.io ?

Yes, good question! We’ve just updated our docs with some more detailed instructions on publishing to itch.io here: https://arcade.makecode.com/publishing-games

Please don’t hesitate to ask if any of it is unclear!

I plan on sharing this in my daily things to do while at home newsletter going out each day!

Can’t wait to share and to make a level.


Hey folks!

Some of you may have noticed that @shakao, @darzu, and I have been live streaming some arcade coding this week on our youtube channel. Well, this Friday we will be hosting a game jam themed stream.

Tune in to watch us make a one room game from scratch with absolutely no preparation beforehand!

When is it: Friday, March 18th at 1:00 PM PST
Where is it: https://aka.ms/makecodearcadestream
Who is it: @richard @shakao and @darzu

Hope to see you there!

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Also, this stream will be available on the MakeCode Youtube channel afterwards so don’t worry if you can’t make it live.


We´re a little makerclub in a little town in Alcantarilla Spain.

Now with the confinement due to the pandemic we cannot go outside. For this reason we have encouraged our students to participate. We have a little problem. They are creating their Itch.io accounts to upload the games but they do not appear on the submissions page, although if they enter their profiles, they are presented. Do you know if it is taking time to update the website or if we are doing something wrong?
Here´s my dashboard, it appears presented

But in Entries doesn´t appear.

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you for what you are doing and I encourage you to make more GameJams for kids. They love Arcade Makecode.


Hello and welcome! Hm, so it seems I can see the title of the game on the game jam admin page, but I can’t click on the game itself. The problem might be that the status of the game is set to “Draft” or "Restricted–you can check by going to ‘edit’ the submitted game and scrolling to the bottom of the page:

Definitely let me know if that doesn’t work and we can keep troubleshooting, we’re super excited to see these games!

Now it´s public, Can you Check it?

Awesome, I can see it on the submission page and play the game now–looks perfect!