Desperate help needed please

Okay, so long story short I lost most of the code I’ve been working on but now I’m remaking it and it’s going pretty well. Problem is, my shooting mechanic is all bugged out.

Whenever I shoot the rocket launcher (press L), it will fire the projectile, but the animation is missing. But then once you go right, the animation will play once you stop going right. And then now after shooting the rocket launcher, the shooting animation for the shotgun (primary weapon) won’t play, which used to work prior to adding the rocket launcher. I spent an hour or 2 trying to fix this code but nothing seems wrong. Can someone please help me?

yea, I noticed that, what was the animation supposed to look like anyway?

Don’t worry, I fixed it. I just did a few things differently from the original working code.

I wish i could help but idk what the problem is

I fixed all of the problems, but thank you to @Grimm and @Erico for trying to help me!

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