Bug with shooting

Whenever I shoot left and shoot again for the second one it shoots right instead can you please help me and send me the code here is the link: https://makecode.com/_1aHCpJChjXYj

You kinda reset the character! You shoot left when you are looking left! You set to look forward on shoot! So just remove the animate part in the On B Pressed!

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But what if you want to keep the animate?

Well it shoots left when the caracters Image is looking left! You reset it to look somewhere else! You would need to make a variable with: LookingLeft true , LookingRight false !

Another bug the other character always has the same picture as the first one can you help me with it? here is the link: https://makecode.com/_7pD7od8Ts8Ai

Im not really good at if else statements so can you help me with that