Difficulty downloading AP CSP course to a school or work account

I am trying to download the AP CSP course to my school onedrive for business but it is only allowing a login to my personal account. If I do that and use my personal OneNote, i can’t utilize Class Notebook. Also, I have much more storage on my school account than on my personal one. My Github account is already attached to my school Microsoft account but it still defaults to the personal account. Is there a way to download the curriculum to a school or work account?

Hi there. Thanks for asking about this. It is strange that it is only allowing you to access from your personal account (since your GitHub Educator access is tied to your school account). One workaround comes to mind - could you download all the materials locally to your computer, and then upload them to your school onedrive?

Thanks! I’ve run into this before, where I can’t use my school/work account but only my personal one. I’ll do what you suggest as a workaround.