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Accessing the OneNote Notebook on desktop app

I can get to the online notebook, but it is read only. When I try to hit the “Open on Desktop” it OneNote says I don’t have access. I’d love to have a copy of the Teacher Master notebook. Any ideas how?

By the way, I realized this may be missing context. I’m talking about the AP CSP Teacher Master NB available in the shared OneDrive folder when accessing the curriculum materials.

Hi! To open the online notebook in your desktop, you need to login with a personal Microsoft account. Once you are logged in with a personal Microsoft account, you can open a read-only version of the notebook in your desktop app and then copy from the master notebook to a personal notebook or your Class notebook. I find it easier to login with my personal Microsoft account at first, and then access the notebook to open it.

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Kelli has also created a very informative video showing how to do this here:

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Thanks! I must have been logged in to my work account every time I tried, because when I tried again today it worked perfectly.

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You are welcome! I am glad it worked!