Directional shooting/ enemies shooting

I’m trying to make a side to side halo game and I’m having trouble with a few things,
First is how i make enemies shoot at me
Second is how i make the gun shoot the direction I’m facing

If you use the Character animation extension, use a simple if else statement for the states. For enemies just compare the x and y values of the player and the enemy and fire a projectile based on the comparison.

You can check my Halo Local Multiplayer game for player direction.

I tried the directional shooting but it’s still not working

can i see the code? it might be in the projectile code. It needs to be set to the correct x and y velocity values. Y must be 0, and X is the speed you want it to be. Add a negative to it and it will change direction at the same speed. The states from the character animation just tell the game at what time to change direction.

Sure heres the link

@Jacks0nian, can you go back into your project and click the share button to grab the share URL that looks more like this:

The link from the address bar will just take people back to whatever game they had open last.

Ok thanks

Here’s the real link sorry