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Does anyone wanna help or appear game I just started making?

The name of the game is °*.Marimo!.*°
Why, Idk, it’s just a random name that came to my mind
So, if anyone wants to help with something or just appear in the game (or both) you can! :smiley:
Btw, this is an adventure game

Yes, Some questions though. First what is the scope of the game, and second, which position can I apply for? I was thinking programming. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi! I wanted to make a game (which in the begging has the story and the explanation how what do you need to find or do in the game) in which the player has to find a stolen chest and has to travel to some worlds to find it and then to start helping people find stolen or lost artifacts and stuff, and maybe yeah, you could help programming and if you could, could you also help me with the art and characters?

Also, sounds epic! :exploding_head:

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Yes, I will apply. Is there anything that I need to do first?

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I could help with something. I mainly like coding (but in blocks because I haven’t learned javascript)

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Is the game a sidescroller or top-down perspective?

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I don’t know… not much got leaked.

Maybe could you help me a little with the worlds, levels and kinda with the enemies? Atleast the first 4 levels are gonna be like in a house, the house I’ve sent with what I’ve done in the game (which is no big thing)

You could say it’s something similar but yeah

Also the primary character or the player’s name is Marimo Otsushi

Here’s a little update for the game, already starting with the initial story, it’s not done yet

What do you mean by leaked?

If you are talking about my first post in here, I already updated it

I had a desing for the main character but I want to change it, any ideas?

By leaked, I mean something (or an amount) shown to the public. This refers to Operating Systems and Games. You did not show much about your game, so there wasn’t much leaked.

Oh that’s because I lost what I had done so I could only show that :sweat_smile: