For hire!


I am open for hire! This means that I can provide insight into your projects!

Here is a list of what I can do (I might have missed some):

  • Tell you what you can add to make your game better
  • Tell you logically how to solve your problems (no complex math please)
  • Give pixel art suggestions (e.g. I draw some pixel art in a programme and I’ll screenshot it for you)
  • Give game ideas
  • Give constructive criticism
  • Give animation tips
  • Just talk about Metroid/Zelda lore if you want

Here is a list of what I won’t do (Again, I might have missed some):

  • Fix your problem for you via code (e.g. fix your game and send it to you). It would be best if you learned to solve your own problems. I will only help you achieve that.
  • Make music for you. Although I can tell you notes and chords if you need them, I won’t make music for your projects.
  • Talk about Genshin Impact. Please… no.
  • I probably won’t let anyone use the assets that I’ve drawn and used in projects like the gun in my Halo-Doom project.
  • Do basically anything in a project and send it to you.

Anyways, I’m open now! Just a heads up, I might close this depending on how this plays out.


Can you Please help me with the smash bros game i am working on i need help with music menus and characters. thanks in advance!

What do you need help with? If it is character design, tell me the general character idea and sprite resolution (e.g. 16x16, 8x8). I’m currently working with the Pico-8 palette so it shouldn’t be so hard to translate the colours into Makecode.

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Does this mean that I’ll have to take venge down?

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critique this demo

So I can’t ask you about making stuff on the screen z index to draw lines between levels or capes


How ever flagged my post(s) needs to stop it is so annoying and spamy and guess what it was flagged for
Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.
But wa I was just asking @personalnote if he knew anything about drowning lines between levels and if I could ask about that. @richard pls unflag my post I am so sick of this happening


Don’t worry about it. We had a flag spammer. Hopefully it won’t keep happening.


Great art and lighting system. It gives off a very silent and mysterious vibe. I don’t think the falling traps are very friendly, though. There is a sword on the back of the player, so I’m assuming a sword system will be added soon? Overall, great demo! 7.8/10

Well, yeah. I don’t know how to solve that. I never really worked with the z axis in Makecode, only using it once in Godot with a Z sort node.

No need, I’ll let that slide. But I mean for future projects I’d appreciate people asking for use of any my assets before using them

@TheGreenArtist if you are still interested in hiring my help, please give a list of character design ideas/prompts and the sprite resolution you want.

For example:
16x16 resolution

  • Green Stickman
  • Pixeldoodle
  • Samus
  • Master Chief

happy b day @personalnote

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Could you help me with my mario game? I need help with sliding. That means that want mario to slide like if he stood on ice. Just like in the real game. And also the lucky block mechanics are pretty bad if you can fix that
Here`s the game. If there is anything else you can fix, it would be highly appreciated.


hmmm, alright. I’m pretty free right now so I’ll see what I can do

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how would you save a inventory of items

With the inventory and settings extensions. Does that answer your question? I have never worked with inventories before.

@personalnote any progress?

So what you need to do is to add the set sprite friction block to the code. Feel free to change the friction setting to whichever is closer to the original game.

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I know this is a bit of a late reply. But could you show me some sample code. because it doesn’t work for me. Nothing happens.:confused:

Don’t worry about it! It seems I misinterpreted how to use the friction block in the way you wanted. You can use the code in this demo Friction in physics-Ice - Arcade / Game Design - Microsoft MakeCode by @NxNMatrixGL.

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