Downloading to meowbit fails

After finishing 3 levels, I noticed that I am not able to download my game to the meow bit :frowning:
It used to work few updates ago and I am also able to download other games I have built into the meowbit.
I do not see any any other error but just asks me to copy to the folder as shown below:


I have also tried copying the .uf2 file multiple times without any luck.
Here is the game:

The meowbit keeps resetting back to the download screen.

Please help.

Warm regards

Make sure you have the right hardware selected (clicking the … next to download will let you select a board). For the downloading, make sure that you are in Chrome or Edge for webUSB, they are the only browsers that currently support that style of downloading.

I am able to download other projects to the same hardware but not this one unfortunately :frowning: