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Please help me

Hi sorry if my English is bad I’m French but I can’t transfer my game into my meowbit I don’t know how to do someone can help me?

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Yes, your English is better than my French. The most sure way of making your game code go into your Meowbit is to , if you are using a computer ( if you are using a mobile device, the Meowbit will not take your program in Bluetooth, as a Microbit will do) . Plug the USB cable from computer into Meowbit. The F4 message should show on the Meowbit. If it does not, then slide the black power switch from left to right on the top of the Meowbit. Then, click “pair device” or “choose hardware” and then click “download to Meowbit” . Many times, for me, it will NOT download from computer to Meowbit. But your computer should download the program to your downloads folder. If this is the case, then you can find your downloaded program (check to see the time stamp and if it is near your current time of day then that will be the program that you want to select.) Now, drag that program over to the Arcade drive below “My PC” or “My Computer” , this is with a PC computer. This should force the download of your game onto the drive of Mewobit. There should be some flickering of lights on the front of the Meowbit. If this does not work for you; then take a screen grab or screen shot of the problem screen and post it here for us to see. ; that will be pressing fn and prt sc buttons at once and pasting the image into an image program to print out screengrab image. I hope this helps.