Encryption for progress

Is there any extension that generates and reads progress codes for later use?

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no but you could try to make it

This would need an algorithm, and it would need to apply to many things, like variables. It would probably be a Encrypt() and Decrypt(). This would be helpful for saving progress without people trying to skip levels.
Like say Encrypt(currentLevel) to tell the password to the level, and then for the level Decrypt(askForImput). Basically it just reads the password and returns it to it’s original value.

You have the settings extension which saves the data on the device hardware (cookies if using the simulator). It’s available in the extension menu.

Oooh. That could be fun to make.

What style of codes do you want? Numeric/Alphanumeric? 2D pictorial grid? Something else?

How much data do you want to store? Level number? Health value? Unlocked abilities?


Basically any string or number. It would just encrypt into something unreadable for humans like 12 to aiF82oF and then it could read it back aiF82oF to 12.

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CRC32 hash? It accepts strings!


It also seems pretty easy to implement - this Stack Overflow answer does it in 5 lines:

Good thinking, but a hash function is generally one-way. You’re going to need to both encode and decode the data for a save feature. (Though you could combine a hash of the original data with the data to serve as a sort of checksum, if that’s what you were thinking.)

Did not think that far. :sweat_smile:

Yes, you could just append the string to the end of the hash and present that to the user but they would probably figure out how to break it.

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