Error on compiling xtronpro !proc || !bin.finalPass

Hello! I recently got my xtron pro, and i was very exited to try it out with my xtron pro, but when i compile this error happens: !!proc || !bin.finalPass

When i unplug the xtron this happens: program too many bytes 20000 (or something, i dont have it copied)

How can i fix this? Can i maybe compress my game?
Game link:

im a bit confused because the image that you get when you screenshot your game is about 80 kb, but the .uf2 file is 1000 kb? they both contain the whole game

Sorry for the broken link, here’s the new one:

Ive just discovered that the xtron pro has 1mb of ram. my game is prob around 2mb, but the xtron pro can hold 16 mb of games? Cant it just delete the ram and get all the new level data from storage?

Late response, but here is the error log assuming you selected xtron pro from the hardware:

error: pxt_modules/base/control.ts(167,56): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/game/controllerbutton.ts(93,21): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/game/systemmenu.ts(340,13): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/mixer---stm32/melody.ts(54,9): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/screen---st7735/targetoverrides.ts(31,9): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/screen---st7735/targetoverrides.ts(34,9): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass
error: pxt_modules/screen---st7735/targetoverrides.ts(40,13): error TS9200: !!proc || !bin.finalPass