This is annoyong?

everytime i spend weeks and weeks on a game i get ready to show it off to my family and i feel really proud of this and has great art i spent ages on
the i download the file and it compiles im sitting here for AGES waiting for it to compile and when it finally does it always says “compilation failed please check code for errors” and then sometimes makes all tiles and sprites invisible except from the background and thats pretty annoying so if i ever wanna show my family a cool game on the hardware or play it on the hardware i have to make a really short game with not as much effort in so it actually downloads to the hardware wich is a shame because they are all great consoles and love using them so much and spent loads on 3 different ones but its upsetting that they wont actually play the games i made on them and if they do its just so laggy

can anyone help?

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Game too big??

Usually, the game is too big at that point. It’s better to play in the simulator full screen anyways, for the increased performance IMHO. And about the disappearing images, you should save your game periodically, as a share link (write/copy that in a document) or images or use GitHub integration. In case anything bad happens, just load the last version in. (For GitHub integration, just revert commits, or delete the project on the Arcade website and re-import back into Arcade)

Well different types of hardware hold different amounts of storage. One called the X-tron Pro seems to hold more. But, also, your projects still can’t be too big.