Error on Github Actions for Makecode Arcade

I get the following error on Github Actions and the game page is not updated: “When the repository is checked out on a commit instead of a branch, the ‘base’ input must be supplied.” check-cfg (8.x).

Also, this happened to me when I finally discovered that it seems that you have to create a release in order for the web page to get updated with the latest version of the game. Is this correct?

Could you point me to the build that failed? I just tried it myself and did not run into this error. And yes, you will typically want to create a release when you want to update your site – creating a release indicates it’s “ready to go”, where comitting is often just a partial update / you can have things that are partially completed but not ready for prime time.

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Thank you very much for your answer, @jwunderl. I am still getting the error on Github Actions but I have just found that in spite of this the game is actually updated on Github Pages. Even though I was opening a new tab for the game I had to manually refresh the page to see the last version (cache expiration policy is probably the reason for this).

So, it is working for me now, but probably it is a good idea to correct the workflow on Github Actions so that there is no error. You can reproduce the error like this: create a Python-only project with a few lines likes this (sprites omitted):

my_sprite = sprites.create(img("""..."""))
my_sprite2 = sprites.create(img("""..."""))
my_sprite.set_position(30, 30)

Then connect to Github and create a release. One of the workflows (“Check pxt.json”) will fail. See an example of this here:

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