Turning games into full screen web apps

is now possible!

  • go to the beta https://arcade.makecode.com/beta
  • export your game to a GitHub repository
  • create a release! This step uploads the pre-compiled game to your GitHub repository.
  • voila! The GitHub pages will now be pointing to a full screen simulator.

Need to retrofit an existing GitHub repository?

include: assets
  • open MakeCode beta, go to the GitHub view and create release (you might need to commit first)

Read more at https://arcade.makecode.com/publishing-games

That’s it, send us your feedback!


LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is so cool!

Feedback about the template welcome :slight_smile: The simulator landscape breakpoints are not quite right so i’ll work on adjusting them for landscape phone.

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itch.io support is also coming up -> https://arcade.makecode.com/publishing-games

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@AlexK you’ll need to update again to get the latest fixes for itch.io

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What is going to happen to “tutorials”.

To create a tutorial you place it in the README.md file. But this is being written to with the new “create a release”. I have tried then replacing the README.md text with an existing tutorial and it does work, it just seems a little odd that 2 separate processes are using the same file.

Any change tutorials could be moved to the /docs folder, where they most likely should have always been placed?

Thanks, this is excellent engineering.
I love the git implementation with the release option.
The deploy runs fine and smooth on meowbit, surface pro first gen, iPhone 6.
The tile-editor is so much fun to work with. :slight_smile:



The game looks great! We are all impressed here :slight_smile:

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