Microsoft MakeCode

Error publishing game

My game works fine, but when trying to share it I run into a error 413 message.

has anyone else run into this problem?

That message means the game is too large to create a share link currently; typically this will come from having a bunch of full screen images or something of the sort that make the file larger than expected. We’re looking at this, but for now if you want to share the best way is to use the github integration (there are extra features in the beta editor that make this easier to use as well). Saving the file with download or as a .png should work as well.

If you’re only using typescript, you might also consider deleting main.blocks, which will cut off a lot of size out of the program. (If you do this, I would suggest making sure you have an extra copy saved just in case!)

thanks jwunderl! I’ll take a look at that. I’m guessing the problem is full screen images, I converted everything to typescript and deleted main.blocks and it was still too big. I’ll take a look at the github integration.