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Error when creating github extension

Hi! I created several repositories in Github from MakeCode and always get the same error in the pxt.json folder: Check pxt.json / check-cfg (14.x) (push) — check-cfg (14.x)* , however, there is nothing wrong in that folder, it is the default code (no changes done).
I did not add any code either, the repository was already created with the error. Can someone help me solve it ?
This is the link to one of the repositories I am talking about:
Thank you!!

Oh hm, it looks like pxt-maker updates haven’t been getting pushed to npm lately Will figure something out for this, thanks for letting us know.

Okay it should be fixed now :slight_smile: just need to push a new commit in any of the repos it previously failed on (or ‘rerun all jobs’ on any action that failed). Thanks again for letting us know!

Thank you so much, it’s working!!! :smiley:

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