Can't Access the Github Repo for pxt-minecraft

Recently, I have become interested in working with the minecraft support on makecode as an easy way to build some plugins for an education edition server project. However, I can’t access the github documentation for the entire interface… If I head over to the reference pages at, they give me a small link on the bottom labeled “Edit this page on github”, which links to a Microsoft repository by the name of pxt-minecraft. Attempting to access this page results in a 404 error within github. I took the further steps of hunting through the Microsoft account for any instances of minecraft repository under a suspicion it had been renamed or moved, but to no avail. Hunting through the main makecode pxt repo didn’t give me any other indication it had been moved. Is the repository just private? Odds are, I’m missing something really obvious here but it would be great to know so that I might stand some chance of understanding just how this interface works(Sorry, but the provided, easy-to-read docs just aren’t going to cut it).