Microsoft MakeCode

Extension Authoring and VS Code

So far, when I’ve created extensions for MakeCode,[1] I’ve coded the directly in the Monaco editor that is built into MakeCode / PXT. That’s certainly worked for me - surprisingly well, I’ll admit. Sometimes, though, the Monaco editor can be a little limiting. In those cases, I’d like to switch to something a little bit more powerful.

Based on what I see in the GitHub repos, it looks like primary development for PXT is done in Visual Studio Code. I’m comfortable working with local copies of PXT and running the server locally, but I’m curious as to how you use VS Code in tandem with those local copies of PXT to author extensions.

So, for those of you who use VS Code to author extensions: What is your routine when you’re developing an extension?

Thanks as always!

[1] While all of my extensions have been for MakeCode Arcade, I imagine this could be done with any of the PXT-based products.


I typically do all of my development in the monaco editor. The workflow is better in other MakeCode targets (Adafruit and micro:bit specifically), because those editors work with the pxt CLI but we don’t have a great story yet for Arcade. This is something we’re hoping to improve in the future.

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