Extension Errors

Hello, I’ve been having issues with my project. I opened the project to add some code, but It gave me notifications of extension errors. I tried to share it and see if I can play it on the share page and it worked, but on a different computer. I tried it on my usual computer, bu it gave me the same error messages. Is there a way to fix it?
(The extensions I am using are timers, status-bars, and sprite-utils.)



Try @naming one of the mod like richard or jwunderl to see if they know how to fix it

@R0B0-BOT did you edit any of those extensions locally by chance? one thing that might work is switching to javascript and clicking the update button next to each extension in the file explorer underneath the simulator (backup your project before trying this)

Hi @richard, thanks for responding to my post. No, I have not edited any of the extensions. I switched to javascript to update the extensions as you suggested, but it did not fix the error. When I switched to Javascript, it displayed a problem saying that it could not re-declare a block-scoped variable. The problem seems to be with the status bar extension. Do you happen to know if the extension has been edited?


AFAIK it hasn’t been updated recently. That error means that a name included in the extension is clashing with another. Can you share a link? I know it’s only broken on one machine for you but it might give me some clues.

Thanks @richard, I appreciate the help! Here is the link to my project: The project