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Extension for the Chirp watering sensor

Since we started a small balcony garden with plants in soil and hydroponics, I though to automate some of the watering and monitoring. Although we are at home now, we might soon have to consider an alternative strategy to deal with ‘reminding’ to water the vegetables. The Chirp can be read from I2C so I started an extension:

The devices are still on their way (expected to be here in a few days). It also does not automate the initialize yet; the device needs to be read on startup to be forced into sensor mode. Also, it doesn’t deal with a new address. So consider this a work in progress …

Note: I know, I have been too lazy to add the block defintions. Told you, it is WIP :wink:

They arrived and work …

… so, now waiting for some angled pinheaders so I can connect them as a sensor.

Connected, but values aren’t stable. Might be due an unstable i2c connection; chirp can result in need to use timestretching. Will check more in depth, buth likely the i2c version (moisture sensor) should work.

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