F1 World Championship 1994

I made this in bc my class mate had his birthday today so I coded the game we used to play when I came over! Here is the wikipedia site for the game! (There is videos if you search the name!) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F1_(video_game)
And here is the game I made! (Not done yet!)
Also this was my first time coding in java! I mostly did art stuff tho and not coding a game! But I think it looks great like this! (Original game :road by @mmoskal)


cool game and happy b-day to your freind

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Game Updated!
  • Collisions work on Hardware now!
  • Added drive by and crash sound!
  • Added extra enemy frame!
  • Added Collidor for car!
  • Changed when the enemy frames change (got bigger when very close to the car so I made it go bigger earlier
  • Eddited turn Animation (The one wheel looked like it was not turning so I made it wider and closer in)

Also please know this is my first time coding in Java! I did not change a lot about the game itself but mainly the design and I think it turned out great! More changes soon!

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or javascript

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Can you add sounds for when you are on the grass?

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I will try!

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I did it! But it is even laaaggier though… so I will not keep it in future ones!



Hi! Welcome to the community! If you need help just ask or make a new topic!

BUT Do NOt saY mY nAME

Bro, yes, you did it :grin:!

Here is the (I think) last update!

  • Speeeeed on HUD

Nice! audio and the HUD look (And sound) Great!