I set a block so that my character will be placed on top of a random wall, but they keep falling through it instead of staying on top of it, what do I do?

Is the sprite bigger than 16x16?

yes it is

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That’s because if the sprite is “teleported” (like when you set the x and y directly inside a wall) the sprite will not collide with walls until it stops being inside a wall. And make sure the sprite is not ghost / can collide with walls.

@Agent_14 is correct - if you sprite is bigger than the tile size, they will be centered on the tile and if you place them directly, then they will be partially inside the wall. To fix this, when you place the sprite, I would move the sprite up a couple pixels. Like if you tiles are 16x16 and your sprite is 20x20, then after I place the sprite I would move it up 4 pixels.

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