Favorite GD Level

Silent Circles it is for me of the custom levels. The remake is just really polished and the difficulty is a testament to the way the bar was raised over the years in the GD community. Also, the song just goes hard fr

Mr. @Sarge is very good at Geometry Dash! (I haven’t beaten silent circles lol)

I haven’t either lol, I just find it to be a very interesting one

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Wait… You’re 90% on Clubstep, but you beat Silent Circles??

Oh, my post just got approved. Look above

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My only level I’ve beaten is stereo madness in practice mode. I am not good at the game and don’t have much time to play it. You are all so far ahead of me level wise.

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Okay, just a really quick and important clarification.

  • Firstly, I gave the wrong level name. My favorite is Sakupen Circles, not Silent Circles (that one’s good too, though).

  • Secondly, I DID NOT beat Sakupen/Silent Circles. Very few people beat it after it was verified by Neiro

  • Thirdly, I’m pretty bad at the game too. My best fully beaten level is Electrodynamix


i finally beat 4 ez demons