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Hi folks,

You all are some of the most advanced MakeCode users; we want to hear what you need from us! Are there features you really want? Problems with the site that have made your life difficult? Help us out by taking this anonymous survey.

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@shakao how’d the survey go? Did you guys learn anything?

I’d be interested in hearing any kind of summary / takeaways that popped out.


Haha yeah, a lot of super useful suggestions (everyone wants flip/rotate for the sprite editor!) and good feedback in general. Let me double-check with about sharing results–I think it should be fine!–and I’ll try to do a summary of the most interesting bits sometime next week.


im done with mine

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Rotating would be nice. For flipping the images of a sprite animation (where the image is only facing one way), I flip the images manually and add them to another array. :+1:

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I made a simple program for rotation, here is the post it is in.

Here is the code.

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That would make a nice extension, and an image block. One thing I noticed with the code, you are assuming that the image is 16x16 pixels. I also don’t see that there is an Image block for getting the width and height of an image.

There is a good extension I use for this -


I did use that extension for some time; it is quite good (Alex has designed it well). The only drawback with using something like this, is that it uses up memory each time just to rotate the image. In the end I use a drawing tool like Paint.NET, save the color palette of Arcade there, draw the image once, rotate it in the tool and use Richard’s extension for getting the images. (https://riknoll.github.io/pxt-arcade-asset-tool/)

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Yeah; my extension is good for games where you need 360 degrees of rotation. For simpler needs where you only need, say, the four cardinal directions, it’s much better to create static assets, especially when running the games on hardware.