Five Nights at Freddy's 8 bit version

I need help with my game. Specifically with the camera system and music. The cameras are more like a gps than a camera.

  • music
  • cameras

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The cameras could be accessed by a button, for example menu. When you press the left and right buttons, you change where the camera is.

My Sis Loves Fnaf I Think She’ll Like This Too!

I love your idea but im not good at maps or music.

Can I Have Link?

I cannot believe so many people voted without seeing the game! My bad, but here it is:

Thank you to the people who want to help.
(I should have put on show voters. :grimacing:.)
The poll ends at 5:00 (central time.)

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You can make an array with all the tilemap positions of the cameras. When you press the button to flip through the cameras, the camera’s position changes to the next position in the list.
Example (since I am very bad at explaining):
press A to switch the camera location

The game is trying to recreate the cameras in fnaf pocket horror