FPS Explained?

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I have read what has been said about FPS in various forums and the description of the Game Loop (which was written when the site was beta I believe). My job requires me to describe things in a way middle schoolers can understand :wink:

Would it be correct to say, that FPS is a performance measure that indicates the number of screen refreshes arcade is currently able to produce? “Able” being the operative word. Is a single screen refresh synonymous with a frame? So a low number would indicate the game is doing more than the current platform can handle while a higher number indicates the arcade engine is not struggle at all to render frames?

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Partially. Call a frame as each individual picture, basically, and then that changes to make graphic illusions. A higher frame rate would mean that the movements look smoother, too. Frames do not only depend on the computation power, but also on the graphics card it has. Hope this helps.

My description of FPS would go like this:

Your screen is a canvas. When you finish painting your canvas that would be one frame. The faster you can finish painting your canvas, the more frames you can fit in a second. Consequently, it looks smoother.

Yes, but a low number means that Arcade isn’t refreshing the screen as much. It does not always mean that Arcade is struggling. It could be the display bus that could be the bottleneck, or the screen itself.

Yes, higher number means arcade is not struggling and lower means worse performance. The fps we report in the simulator/hardware is the uncapped fps (i.e. the highest possible fps if there was no cap). But we do cap the actual fps to 30 regardless of how well the program is running. The canvas will never redraw more than 30 times a second and game update will run never run more than 30 times (game update runs every time we draw the screen).

In other words, if the number is <= 30, then fps does correspond with each game update. Higher than 30 means there are 30 actual updates running per second but you are not using all of the available resources.

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