Full tilemap

I made a tilemap with all block combos (formations). Can you test to see if I got all of them?

Example block combos :arrow_up:

If you find a combo you can’t make, please tell me.

Here -


Can you please explain how you got the character extension and the color palate to be all grey, black, and white?

Here is a game with grayscale colors. Click edit.

Go to advanced the extensions and search

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I can only get 15 tiles.
Can someone tell me how to scroll the tile select box?

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The left and right arrows should “scroll” the tile selection box.


Game Example

Screenshot (57)

What device are you using? If you are on a phone, it’s because the screen is too small. You would have to use desktop mode or something like that.


Hmmm…then I can’t help you. :frowning:

anyone you know that could?

One of the MakeCode team members would know.

Could you provide a screenshot of the entire screen?

I can’t

Now I’m on mobile
It’s not there

I just needed to resize the window.

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