Missing Block Platformer Tile Map

I do not find this block in either Arcade nor Arcade Beta for setting the tile map for platform. Is there some other way to bring the platform into the scene?

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For your information, there is a new release : https://makecode.com/blog/arcade/general-release


Those of you who have been using the Beta, probably the biggest change you’ll notice is the way we now do Tilemaps. A ‘Tile’ in a game is a square image that you can use to lay out the background Map of your game (think of them like tiles in real life used to cover an area). The way we did Tilemaps before, we used colors to denote different tile images. We got a lot of feedback that this was super confusing for people and it limited the types of tiles you could have in your game (Arcade only has 16 colors so you could only have 16 kinds of tiles). So, now we have a new and improved Tilemap Editor that lets you draw the tiles on your game canvas, and you can draw walls on your tile map too.

New tilemap editor

If you do want to still use the old Tilemap blocks, you can add them as an extension called “Color-coded Tilemap”.

Extension for old style tilemaps

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I wonder if there are other major changes to blocks that have been done in Arcade in the last few months? These “old” Microsoft MakeCode YouTube videos from 4 months ago are mis-leading since they do not show current Arcade system. Hours spent searching for answers which I doubt kids or parents or teachers would have been as tenacious to solve such problems. I found an old tutorial at Adafruit with the shared code with color-coded tilemap in the scene tools.

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The tilemap was the biggest change. The release notes are at https://makecode.com/blog/arcade/general-release

We have removed those videos from the home screen to reduce confusion.

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I’d like to make a little character jump up onto a surface and score one point. Your example Jumpy Platformer on Arcade home page runs way over 1000 lines of code in JS. The simplest tutorial I can find is Corgi. This does not work for me. Not complaining, just noting that grandparents and librarians probably won’t be able to figure this out. If there are new tutorials using a simple platform, I can’t find it on the home page.

hi frank! thank you for the feedback re: the new tilemap, that’s good to know and i definitely agree that tutorials for the tilemap should be a priority. in the meantime, here’s a small example of jumping on a platform to score a point, hopefully that helps a little: https://makecode.com/_iWH8pb4u50VL


Thank you , Shannon. I posted a video about this on our “MakeCode and Arcade” YouTube channel with a share link to your code. I also posted a video today about how to bring up Arcade in a browser while off-line. In MakeCode I can click on any .hex file in any folder and when off-line bring up the environment and then work on code. Not so with Arcade on my machines…they save or download as .png files which only enlarge as pictures when clicked on and as Adafruit tagged .uf2 files which cannot open when clicked on. So, when off-line, how to activate Chrome and “Import” these file types? Again, video about it at MakeCode and Arcade on YouTube.

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You can import files into arcade in two ways:

  1. Open up arcade.makecode.com and drag the .png or .uf2 file from your desktop into the Chrome window
  2. On the arcade.makecode.com home screen, click the “Import” button (top-right of the screen, below the banner image) and select “Import File”. This should let you choose the file on your computer to import into the editor

Both of these methods should work offline and both should work with either .uf2 or .png files. I hope that helps!

I’m always looking for an easier way to do things, @richard. But my point is, if you watch my video, I cannot open arcade.makecode when off-line by clicking on a saved game icon. Also, I cannot “Open up arcade.makecode” unless I first find my (when 0ff-line) browser icon for Chrome somewhere on my computer.

This was instructional for kids who are not on-line but want to get into Arcade. So , step one: find an icon on your desktop for Chrome browser, step 2 click on that and enter “MakeCode…” and browser should auto-complete…MakeCode Arcade (beta or not), step 3 when environment comes up for Arcade. then do what you said and click “import” and find the file. This is the only system that works for me off-line. I’m telling the kids, if they are off-line, then go to their browser icon and activate it and DO NOT try to search for Arcade but DO type in to browser header the search term “MakeCode…” and let browser find Arcade environment by way of saved searches and auto-complete . Now, I suspect this will NOT work if a “delete prior searches” has been selected in the browser but I can only describe what works for me on my machines. So, where do you find “Open up arcade.makecode.com” if you are not on-line? I would use that if I could make it work; as we know, different machines work differently. So, thanks .

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